Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association (PCCA) participated in the fund-raising dinner hoisted jointly by Pakistan Canada Association (PCA) and the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf (PTI).

The Namal College was founded in 2008 as per vision of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.  Per the founders, it is a dream that has been actualized by its visionary members who are associated with world class institutions like LUMS, SKMT and Descon Engineering. This ambitious project was undertaken to provide educational facilities of international standards to talented youth of rural areas to trigger social and economic change through the academic evolution of backward regions of Pakistan. It is claimed by the College administration that it will become a center of academic excellence for rural uplift and development through:

  • Educating bright youth who have Namal values and will contribute to organizations and community
  • Finding innovative solutions to rural challenges by highly trained academics

PCCA understands the importance of education. Education reduces poverty and raises productivity in all spheres of the economy. Western governments spend public funds on education because they believe that a better-educated population will contribute to faster economic and societal growth. The rise and fall of countries depend on the quality of human resources, which can be properly developed and deployed in the right direction only with right education.

However, this is not the case in Pakistan. According to recently released UN report, Pakistan is over 50 years behind in its primary and over 60 years behind in its secondary education targets. Per the latest government report, a staggering 24 million Pakistani children are out of school. This is an unambiguous disclosure of the state of education in a country where around a quarter of the population is believed to be below 16 years of age. The report summarizing Pakistan Education Statistics for 2014-2015 indicates that there are 50.8 million children aged five to sixteen in the country, and 47 per cent of these children do not receive an education.

PCCA supports the Namal College initiative which will creates a link between the local community’s needs and the education imparted to its students. Education is a basic human right per United Nation Declaration of Human Rights, Section 26.

Khalid Zaka, Community Media Secretary

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